Wastewater pumping station

Instalcompact wastewater pumping stations facilitate construction of sewage systems

Construction of a sewage system is a great challenge - only correct functioning of the system provides benefits to its Users: ecological, economic and especially social, as it improves the quality of living and guarantees that no failure can prevent normal functioning. Instalcompact are the best advisors in such situations !

Learn from mistakes, not only your own

A properly selected pumping station ensures efficient functioning of a sewage system. This requires precise calculations and cooperation between the Designer, Investor and construction teams.

It is worth using over 15 years of experience of our Engineers who will advise how to select parameters of the device so that it could handle any amount of wastewater and pressure discharge - regardless of the size of the watershed, topography of the land and length of sewage system pipelines.


Device structure


with sliding grip

Gravity ventilation

Gravity ventilation



Manual closing

component unit

Acid-proof steel


Wash riser


Device features

Our engineering solutions significantly facilitate operation

There are no self-operating devices; however, devices can be easy to operate. In our pumping stations, we apply a number of solutions which facilitate access to the device: ladders with sliding grip, thanks to which descending into the chamber is safe, or patented manual closing component unit, allowing to operate bolt from the level of the cover, without entering the pumping station chamber.


Acid-proof steel - we are not afraid of close contact with aggressive enemies

All device components which have contact with aggressive operating media (municipal wastewater) are made of acid-proof steel. However, we can adjust materials used in pumping stations to non-standard media, such as wastewater with high chloride content or high temperature.


Basic parameters

General information

  • intended for domestic wastewater, precipitation wastewater, leachates from waste dumps, industrial wastewater,
  • gravity and discharge systems, pressure systems,
  • capacity: from 10 m3/h to 3,600 m3/h (one pumping station),
  • one-pump, two-pump and three-pump systems (or multi-pump, upon request),
  • submersible pumps, for dry development and shaft pumps,
  • discharge risers, diameters between DN40 and DN600.
  • optional odour neutralisation system based on ventilation with bioactive or carbon filter and iron compound dosage.

We emphasize quality

Instalcompact wastewater pumping stations are executed as complete and compact devices in containers made of polymer concrete, concrete, polyethylene or glass-reinforced polyester, with internal diameters between 800 and 3000 mm and height between 2000 and up to even 8000 mm. This allows for maintaining the highest quality guaranteed by professional production organisation.




emsydia® controlling

Each pumping station is equipped with electrical control switchboard and dedicated emsydia® controller manufactured by Instalcompact. However, in some cases it is required to equip the switchboard with other types of controllers, which is not a problem, since our software can be adjusted to Customer needs.

SyDiaNet system

Ongoing device control, from any place in the world and without leaving the office

Thanks to SyDiaNet system, users may watch and control the operation of the pumping station on an ongoing basis. They also receive alarm and status messages, as well as device operation reports. Thanks to this, early diagnosis and prevention of serious failures is possible.

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