Pipe collaring

Metal properties allow for relatively easy, and in particular durable cold plastic processing, without a loss of the required stainless steel properties. Thanks to this, the components manufactured by Instalcompact can be used in nearly all branches of industry: chemical, food, pharmaceutical, energy or biotechnology. We use a patented pipe forming technology, which allows for production of high-precision elements. The applied solutions allow for durable change of shape and increase of performance characteristics, such as hardness or durability. We execute branches, tees and flange rebates, avoiding welded connections wherever possible; this allows us to achieve a smoother media flow and reduced flow resistance. Instalcompact uses the T-Drill patent - we execute connections for our technologies and provide services for external customers by means of Tec T-Drill 150 machine.

The greatest advantage of drawing necks is the possibility to use them for execution of butt welds instead of fillet welds in welded pipes. These welds ensure full weld penetration, reduce the risk of occurrence of weld defects and eliminate any irregularities.

Wyciąganie szyjek z rur

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