Constant maintenance

Ongoing maintenance means many years of operation

Even the best devices require maintenance. If they are to work for many years without failures, maintenance must be ongoing. Therefore, apart from warranty and emergency service, Instalcompact-service offers operation care programmes and service packages, also within the framework of extended warranty service for Instalcompact devices.

Serwis konserwacja
Serwis instalcompact

We have been servicing devices of Instalcompact and other manufacturers for over 25 years. We apply the latest solutions in our work. We carry out preventive, non-invasive infrared camera inspections based on which we detect the so-called “heat points”, i.e. areas, invisible to the naked eye, where electric installations overheat or mechanical systems leak. Thanks to this, we can avoid many failures, protecting our Customers from unnecessary costs, for example related to replacement of the entire device, or downtime.

Complex support

Instalcompact-service provides complex support in the field of:

  • hydrophore units;
  • water pumping stations;
  • wastewater and dry well pumping stations;
  • water treatment plants;
  • fire-fighting pumping stations;
  • sprinkler systems,
  • hydrant systems
  • control and alarm valves,
  • automatic fire detection systems,
  • voice alarm systems,
  • fire protection doors and gates,
  • external and internal hydrants,
  • fire extinguishers,
  • smoke dampers (smoke removal and ventilating),
  • foaming agent dosage systems,
  • water pumping stations,
  • domestic and precipitation wastewater pumping stations,
  • boiler rooms and heating devices,
  • ventilation,
  • air conditioning,
  • chilled water units.


Instalcompact service

Confidence gained through reliability

Long-term experience of Instalcompact-service means that our services are characterised by highest care and professionalism. Over 700 users have trusted us so far by signing agreements for ongoing maintenance for more than 1,500 devices. This number is still increasing.

Service agreement

Kolektory, umowa serwisowa

Service agreement provides many benefits…

Service agreement for ongoing maintenance provides a number of particular benefits for User/Customer: technical support, guarantee of maintaining device in proper technical condition, protection from excessive wear, or priority in removing potential defects in the case of a reported failure or defects, including replacement of minor parts free of charge.

… and savings

Long-term agreement also enables planning of maintenance costs and determination of a fixed annual budget. Thanks to periodic maintenance, the risk of failure is limited, which effectively reduces the costs of device operation. We also provide expert technical advisory and support in all aspects related to regulations, requirements and modernisation.

Pompownia ścieków


supported by experience

The knowledge, experience and professionalism of Instalcompact – service is confirmed with certificates of many institutions and device manufacturers. We have certificates of Ośrodek Certyfikacji Stowarzyszenia Inżynierów i Techników Pożarnictwa (Certification Authority of the Association of Fire Safety Engineers and Technicians), TÜV SÜD Management Service, as well as the following companies: Arpol, Bosch, Buderus, Daikin, Danfoss, Dospel, Epuro, Fujitsu, Grundfos, Hilti, Pneumatex, Mitsubishi Electric, Siemens, Viessmann and many others