Pompownie przeciwpożarowe

pumping station

Fire-fighting pumping station is a key element of water fire-extinguishing devices. Together with the storage tank or water supply system, it constitutes the source of water eg. in case of fire. The functionality of the pumping station makes it applicable for water fire-fighting systems of any type. Find out what we can prepare for you!

Zestawy hydroforowe

Hydrophore unit

Hydrophore units are the foundation of our business. They have revolutionized the water supply and sewerage industry more than twenty years ago. Today, constantly being improved, are among the most modern and technologically advanced devices on the market.

Systemy gaśnicze

Extinguishing systems

We specialize in sprinkler, drencher and foam instaltions. We also produce properly selected complete water and foam fire extinguishing systems. Instalcompact extensive experience allows us to meet all individual needs of our customers and ensure the safety of their property.

Tłocznie ścieków

Dry well pumping station

Wherever sewage system may not fail, Instalcompact dry well pumping stations will apply! The use of stainless steel and thoughtful technical solutions allow even the maintenance of the device without shutting it down!

Pompownie ścieków

Wastewater pumping station

Construction of a sewage system is a great challenge – only correct functioning of the system provides benefits to its Users: ecological, economic and especially social, Our wastewater pumping stations are selected by experienced technologists, therefore they are always well matched to customer requirements!

Technologie biogazowe

Technologie biogazowe

Najlepsze idee pochodzą z natury. By odnieść sukces wystarczy je przełożyć na język nowoczesnych technologii – jesteśmy w tym specjalistami – mamy długoletnie doświadczenie w produkcji urządzeń na wymagające, często agresywne medium.


Monitoring and visualisation – SyDiaNet® and SyDiaView®

Devices manufactured by Instalcompact can be found in nearly every Polish commune. Their increasing number makes global management system necessary. SyDiaNet® remote management system allows to manage a network of devices, while the visual system SyDiaView® allows to track the device work in real time.


Controlling and automatics – emsydia®

Control system emsydia® with individual software together with energy supply system and control switchboard ensure safe exploitation of Instalcompact devices.



The success of Instalcompact consists of thousands of completed devices. Technical parameters of devices designed by our engineers are most suited to the Investor needs and allows a long-term and the cheapest possible manner of operation



The devices can operate without failure for many years – thanks to the constant maintenance and prevention of breakdowns. Therefore, apart from warranty and emergency service, Instalcompact-service offers operation care programmes and service packages.

Doradztwo techniczne

Technical consulting

Our advisors are people with vast experience in the water and sewage. Together with our customers Instalcompact realized many demanding projects. Need advice? Just find the nearest regional office on the interactive map and our advisors will provide you with comprehensive technical advice.

Stal nierdzwena

Stainless steel processing technologies

For the production of our devices we use stainless steel, more specifically acid-proof – it allows to produce reliable and durable equipment, and above all: to provide our customers with the highest quality solutions. You can use our experience in your own project.

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