Fire-fighting technologies

Safety is most important

Industrial, warehouse, power facility and public utility buildings, as well as fuel and military bases – all of them require fire protection. Ensuring safety for their users requires significant experience and sophisticated solutions.

At Instalcompact, we try to make sure that the fire-fighting technologies designed by us are equipped with properly selected and configured devices.

Pompy przeciwpożarowe
Systemy przeciwpożarowe

Fire-fighting pumping station

Fire-fighting pumping station is a key element of fixed water fire-extinguishing devices. Together with the storage tank or water supply system, it constitutes the source of water. The functionality of the pumping station makes it applicable for water fire-fighting systems of any type.

Structure of fire-fighting pumping station

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Fire-fighting pump – structure

Pumping stations may be executed as one-module or multi-module fire-fighting units. This provides particular benefits: delivery of a complete device, tested by the manufacturer, smaller development area and shorter assembly time

Technical information concerning IC fire-fighting pumping stations

Intended use
  • Water and air sprinkler systems
  • Drencher systems
  • Hydrant systems
  • Technological and fire protection networks in industrial buildings
  • Water and foam systems
  • Deliberate and tested solutions
  • Improving ongoing operation and maintenance
  • Maximum capacity up to 620m3/h with the option of multiple increase with the application of multi-pump systems
  • Lift height up to 80m for pumps in basic range and over 120m for high-pressure pumps
  • Electric motors with the power of up to 250 kW
  • Combustion compression-ignition engines with the power of up to 300 kW
  • Exchangeability of ranges of combustion and electric engines
Sources of water for fire-fighting pumping stations
  • Extinguishing water storage tanks, possibility of operating the pumping station with inflow or suction
  • Water supply system
Automatics and control
  • In accordance with fire protection regulations
  • Proven solutions ensuring reliability, dependability and safety

Modular development

We deliver devices in developments adjusted to Customer’s needs. We provide the following solutions:

  • Prefabricated steel modular casings made of multi-layer slabs, with sizes adjusted to the sizes of devices, in any colour;
  • Casings of pumping stations executed on the basis of standard transport containers with the sizes of 20′ and 40’ (6m and 12m). A pumping station executed in this manner is a complete self-supporting structure, requiring only foundation and connection in the building.
Zabudowa kontenerowa
Zabudowa kontenerowa

Development of fire-fighting pumping stations in light modular or container casings provides the possibility of earlier execution of such building, saves time and reduces the scope of works.

Extinguishing systems

Complete water extinguishing systems

Another element of a fire extinguishing system are properly selected and configured control valves and devices responsible for launching fire alarms and automatic launch of fixed water extinguishing device (SUG-W), as well as delivery of extinguishing agent to the proper system section.

Systemy gaśnicze

Foam-based suppression systems

Systemy gaszenia pianą

Foam suppression is used in fire protection of liquid fuels, chemical substances or plastics. This means that a fire-fighting pumping station should be additionally equipped with water work solution and foaming agent preparation system. Storage and dosage of foaming agent in Instalcompact systems can be executed for a wide variety of applied foaming agents and at required concentrations.

Fire extinguishing systems

Fire extinguishing system is an element of fire protection system intended to supply extinguishing agent to the hazardous area or fire location. We are specialised in executing sprinkler, drencher and foaming systems.

Instalacje gaśnicze

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