Bending and cutting sheet metals

At Instalcompact, we do our best to manufacture components with the best quality, repeatability and reliability. We have developed numerous solutions which you may use for the implementation of your own projects. The best example is our patented manhole which we make by bending and cutting sheet metals. The manholes may be used for securing entries to wastewater pumping stations, storage tanks or chambers with valves. They are available in two sizes: 600×600 mm and 800x900mm. The manholes are entirely made of stainless steel, they have embedded locks with patent insert and can be opened from inside the well; they are also secured against accidental closure. On a special request, we can insulate them and install a ventilation pipe (also with activated carbon). Manholes are certainly not everything that we can make for you – the only restriction for bending and cutting sheet metals is the sheet metal size: width up to 3,000 mm and thickness up to 5 mm.

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