Dry well pumping station

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Even small hygienic articles, such as bandages, tampons, sanitary pads, strings or air freshener baskets which are either thrown away, or fall accidentally to domestic toilets, can be responsible for serious pump failures in water supply and sewage devices. Despite 25 years of experience, we were not able to prevent all failures caused by solid parts, and therefore we have created a dry well pumping station with solids separation system.

We know how to draw conclusions from previous experiences

Easier access to inspection openings, lack of dead spaces where sediments could decay, execution of acid-proof steel, as well as special control system, are only some of the parameters which decide about better functionality of Instalcompact dry well pumping station.

Opening distributor and separator, that is, preparation of dry well pumping station for servicing, requires the work of only one person and lasts less than 1 minute. We can guarantee this time ! Additionally, the tank and separators were equipped with indicators made of tempered glass, which facilitate device inspection without disassembly.

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Device features

PumpsBy applying two mobile separating elements, the so-called comb dampers, in each separator, pumps are resistant to blocking with solid parts; Reliable, alternate pump operation; Possibility of using channel and open impellers;
Storage reservoir
  • Visual inspection of the interior thanks to the application of permanent backlight and sight glass with wiper;
  • Properly selected and small tank capacity reduces wastewater storage time and limits the possibility of decay;
  • Placed outside the retention chamber in order to facilitate control and access to their interior;
  • Possibility of washing each separator, discharge pipeline and pressure system behind the discharge chamber;
  • Has a special quick access manhole;
  • Distributor emergency overflow with separating system;
Sight glasses made of tempered glassEnsure visual inspection and quick access to separators;
Check and shut-off valvesKnife gate valves and check valves made of materials resistant to wastewater activity;
Ball check valvesTheir application in structure ensures secure and efficient transport of wastewater containing solid parts;
Compact structurePossibility of assembly in dry, ventilated underground containers with small diameters;
High durabilityDevice structure made of stainless steel;
Corrosion resistance
  • All external and internal areas of stainless components subject to pickling and chemical passivation;
  • Reduction of welded connections thanks to the application of plastic forming of pipes and metal sheets (tees and flanges made using the spinning method);
  • Assembly elements, screws, nuts, washers, anchors – stainless steel grade A4;
VentilationThe supply and exhaust ventilation system of storage reservoir made of acid-proof steel, equipped with anti-odour pad;
Rubber componentsResistant to wastewater activity;
Service and maintenanceDevice operated by one person, without decommissioning the dry well pumping station

Modular development

Compact solution – large possibilities

Dry well pumping station is a compact device. The structure consists of a steel storage reservoir with the capacity of 0.4 m3, or 0.72 m3, connected with solid part separators, which are integrated with two alternately working pumps. Thanks to a relatively small tank, pumps turn on and the tank is emptied more frequently. Such solution prevents wastewater from decaying and eliminates contact between wastewater and environment, as well as ensures comfortable and safe servicing and operating conditions.

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Stainless steel – secure corrosion protection

Dry well pumping station is made of acid-proof steel elements. We apply the highest execution standards for its production: plastic forming of metal sheets, pipe bending or flange spinning. All these activities reduce the risk of corrosion. Most components are assembled in our production hall, with the participation of the best specialists: welders, assemblers, as well as electric and electronic technicians, which are the best guarantee of proper execution of the device.

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Capasity rangeLift height rangeCollective chamber
internal diameter
0-16 l/s29 -7 m~470 l2500 mm
0-24 l/s43,5 -17 m~470 l2500 mm

Capasity rangeLift height rangeCollective chamber
internal diameter
0-40 l/s19 -17,8 m~600 l3000 mm
0-50 l/s71 -12 m~600 l3000 mm

Capasity rangeLift height rangeCollective chamber
internal diameter
0-36 l/s12,4 -2,5 m~470 l2500 mm
0-65 l/s26 -5 m~470 l2500 mm

Capasity rangeLift height rangeCollective chamber
internal diameter
0-60 l/s39 -15 m~600 l3000 mm
0-65 l/s60 – 30 m~600 l3000 mm

Manner of operation

Filling stage

Dry well pumping station work is divided into two stages: chamber filling and wastewater discharge. During the first stage, wastewater flows through the gravity pipeline to the distributor, from where it is directed to two separators where larger solid parts are blocked. The treated wastewater is transmitted to the storage reservoir.

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Discharge stage – first pump

Hydrostatic probe connected to controller emsydia®, placed in the storage reservoir, determines the wastewater level in the storage reservoir. After reaching a specific level, the first pump is started.

Discharge stage – second pump

The pump draws in treated wastewater and directs it back to the system, at the same time cleaning the separator and the filtering elements.

During the first pump operation, wastewater flows to the storage reservoir through the second separator and the inoperative second pump. In the next cycle, the situation is reversed.

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emsydia® controlling


Each dry well pumping station is equipped with electrical control switchboard and dedicated emsydia® controller manufactured by Instalcompact. However, in certain cases it is required to equip control unit with other types of controllers, which is not a problem, as we can adjust software to controllers of other manufacturers and, first of all, to Customer needs.

System SyDiaNet

System SyDiaNet – ongoing device control, from any place in the world

Thanks to SyDiaNet system, users may watch and control the operation of the dry well pumping station on an ongoing basis. They also receive alarm and status messages, as well as device operation reports. Thanks to this, early diagnosis and prevention of serious failures is possible.


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