New production line


Implementation of production line for water supply and sewage devices with the application of innovative technologies of stainless steel treatment

Project implemented within the framework of Wielkopolska Regional Operational Programme for the years 2007-2013, Measure 1.2 “Support for the development of small and medium enterprises”

Project Coordinator:

Sławomir Smogór

Zestaw hydroforowy

Goal of the Project:

Increasing competitiveness and innovativeness of Instalcompact by implementation of new technologies. The implementation of the investment enables:

  • introduction of improved products to the market;
  • introduction of the service of remote supervision of device operation to the market;
  • reduction of unit energy consumption in production and production costs;
  • increase of production capacity;
  • application of ICT technology in the production organisation process and market offer of the new service;
  • increase of the Company’s production capacity.

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Emsydia® i SyDiaView®


Integrated control, diagnostic, remote access and work visualisation systems for pump and technological systems

Project implemented within the framework of the Operational Programme Innovative Economy, Priority Axis 1 “Research and development of new technologies” and Priority Axis 4 “Investment in innovative undertakings”, Measure 1.4. “Support for Targeted Projects” and 4.1 “Support for Implementation of R&D Results “

Project Coordinator:

Janusz Giełda

Zestaw hydroforowy

Goal of the Project:

Development and implementation of integrated control, diagnostic and work visualisation systems for pump and technological systems, as well as equipping Instalcompact systems with such technical solutions that will enable remote access to these systems, control and diagnosis of their operation, with the application of modern technologies applied in internet networks, which should result in reducing the costs of production and maintenance of these systems.

Development of a control system which enables unification of software systems increases the possibility of cooperation between devices constituting the system and internet servers, as well as has large capacities in the field of system status data processing and diagnosis.

The systems offered by Instalcompact are frequently equipped with peripheral measurement systems (gate valves, tanks, etc., located even as far as a few kilometres from the control centre), therefore there was a need to develop the distributed control modules, requiring independent supply (battery systems, small wind generators, solar panels).

Development of methods for diagnosing the functioning of technological systems enables the analysis of system operation status based on historical data, as well as identification of alarm statuses; and allows for predicting threats to the proper functioning of device systems.

The visualisation and data exchange system developed within the framework of the project allows for a significant reduction of costs of creating visualisation systems, projection of the functioning of Instalcompact systems by reflecting their specific character, at the same time providing local and remote access to them.

Project Innovativeness

The project provided for the application of the latest microprocessor and microcomputer solutions, as well as Internet technologies for control and diagnosis of technological and pump systems offered by Instalcompact. The currently existing offer of our competitors concerning such systems does not include systems with such large data processing capacity or communication with the environment.

The control and diagnostic systems developed within the framework of the project are units equipped with individual diagnostic mechanisms allowing for quality assessment of the entire technological system and informing the responsible services about improper functioning or failure risk.

Equipping control and diagnostic systems with wired or wireless internet communication mechanisms allows for providing remote information about the status of device operation, which enables system operation without personal service supervision. The use of Internet technologies and network, which is increasing in our country, allows for easy connection of these devices with the remote distribution centre, without the necessity to implement expensive telecommunication lines.

Another innovation is the introduction of a new service in the market – SyDiaView visualisation, using Internet mechanisms for processing, sending and publishing data from the technological process with the application of a standard Internet browser. SyDiaView visualisation system will enable easy access to technological processes and remote control of their functioning in the case of adverse events.

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Development of IT system for managing a network of devices used in water and wastewater industry and environment protection

The project is implemented within the framework of Sectoral Operational Programme Improvement of the Competitiveness of Enterprises, Priority Axis 1 “Development of Entrepreneurship and Growth of Innovativeness through Strengthening of Business Environment Institutions”, Measure 1.4 “Strengthening of Cooperation between R&D sphere and the economy”. The project has already been completed.

Project Coordinator:

Janusz Giełda

SyDiaNet badania

Goal of the Project

The basic goal of the project under development which we have adopted was the reduction of device servicing costs by increasing their reliability, as well as the possibility of remote control and predicting the failure risk. The related increase of competitiveness of the manufactured devices was the expected result of the performed activities.

The funding was obtained from Sectoral Operational Programme “Improvement of the Competitiveness of Enterprises”, Measure 1.4.1 “Strengthening of Cooperation between R&D sphere and the economy”, as well as from the budget of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education intended for the development of science.

The Company received a subsidy in the amount of 50 % of eligible costs of research works, increased above the basic rate of 25 %; one of the reasons was the compliance of the conducted programme with the goals of the Sixth Framework Programme – priorities “Information Society Technologies” and “Sustainable development, global changes and ecosystems”.

History of Project works

Research works were executed by a specially appointed project team, the core of which was constituted by the employees of the R&D department of the Company. Additionally, a new workplace was created for the completion of the project, in compliance with the basic assumptions of the EU policy.

Within the framework of the conducted works, innovative control system structures with wide possibilities of data processing and transfer, cooperating with various communication (especially Internet) systems, were examined and developed. Moreover, various data channels and transfer capabilities were examined with regard to their usefulness for ensuring communication with the external world.

In accordance with the basic goal of the Project, the developed device management system allows for:

  • identification of the status of particular devices
  • receiving and displaying information and alarm messages from devices
  • receiving and displaying reports on the functioning of particular devices
  • displaying data concerning the functioning of particular devices and diagrams in the selected period
  • generating and displaying quality indicators of the device work
  • finding devices on the map
  • archiving all records in the database system

The system consists of three basic elements:

  • Controllers equipped with diagnostic and communication functions
  • Communication links (wired and wireless internet links, radio links, GPS and other)
  • Database system installed on Internet servers with secure access through internet browser (without application of special software)

The developed Device Network Management System SyDiaNet can cooperate with a majority of devices applied in water and wastewater industry, equipped with relevant control systems. It is particularly useful for entities serving many devices distributed in a large area.

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