Goal of the Project

Cel projektu:

Development and modernization of the water treatment plant in Mikołajki was intended to provide inhabitants with high quality drinking water and increase the capacity of water intake to the value of Qhmax = 200m3/h.

Based on the analysis of raw water, field inspection and information about previously applied treatment processes, water quality improvement technology was designed, consisting in two-step filtration through multi-layered bed and water disinfection by means of sodium hypochlorite and UV rays.

Stacja Uzdatniania Wody w Mikołajkach
SUW Mikolajki

Applied solutions

The works included construction of water tanks with inter-building systems, construction of a new technological building; selection, production and assembly of new technological devices, including pressure aerators, filters, hydrophore unit, wash pump, blower or compressors and execution of new piping in the station, made of stainless steel. The operation of all devices is managed by new PLC controller, which is based on individually prepared control algorithm, thanks to which the water treatment plant is fully automated. All development works were completed in 2011. Since then, the quality of water supplied to inhabitants has been compliant with all standards required by legal regulations, which confirms the efficiency of treatment technologies offered by Instalcompact.