Supply – control – software


Only a complete system ensures reliable operation

Technological devices and systems manufactured by Instalcompact need the following elements for correct and safe operation: first, energy supply system and control switchboard, and second, control system emsydia® with individual software.

Thanks to these two elements, we can make maximum use of the existing technologies in order to develop the quality of operation of technical infrastructure of water supply and sewage, fire-fighting and biogas systems and not worry about the reliability of device operation.


Instalcompact technological switchboards are adjusted to be supplied from a power generator and equipped with a manual supply switch and a plug for connecting to an electrical socket. Switchboards are adjusted to power supply in TN-S configuration.

The electrical control switchboards are delivered in metal casings IP55 with internal doors where controllers and control-testing equipment are installed. The size of control units depends on the complexity level of the system which is located inside. For a simple hydrophore unit, the control unit size may amount to only 600x600mm, while for a complicated water treatment plant it can be as much as 1800x1200mm !

Switchboard construction

Budowa automatyka

Equipment of electrical control switchboard

  1. supply switch (“SYSTEM – 0 – POWER GENERATOR”) + connection plug for power generator
  2. lightning arrester
  3. residual-current device
  4. control circuit protections
  5. pump engine supply circuits: engine switch (protection from overload and short circuit)
  6. start-up system (depending on the selected option):
    • direct (for the power of <5,5kW),
    • star/delta (for the power within the range of 5.5 kW..11kW),
    • softstart (for the power of > 11kW)
  7. buffer power supply unit (24VDC) with batteries to maintain control voltage in the event of electrical supply outage

Main circuits

  1. microprocessor controller emsydia® (CPU, display, keyboard) executes device operation algorithm; enables the use of SyDiaNet system
  2. emsydia® IO module – digital and analogous input/output module enables control of current device operation statuses and parameters
  3. GSM/GPRS modem with mutual data transmission
    • enables remote change of device working parameters and recording archival data on external servers;
    • sends notifications about failures
  4. supply voltage control:
    • protects from engine operation at too low voltage, change of phase order and operation at too large phase asymmetry
  5. control: of load current; internal protections of pump motors; burglary
Podstawowe obwody

Auxiliary circuits

  • Supply circuits
    • of drainage pump engine (max 230V/4A),
    • ventilator,
    • chamber internal lighting
    • external lighting of the area near the device (max 230V/4A)
  • chamber flooding control,
  • internal lighting of the switchboard,
  • sockets 24VAC, 230VAC,
  • visual / audible signalling devices
Obwody pomocnicze

emsydia® controlling


Devices selected individually for our Customers also require individual approach to development of software controlling their operation. We have several years of experience in creating software for emsydia® controllers and devices of other manufacturers. Thanks to this, we are able to meet even the most non-standard requirements of our Customers.


Various devices – specific requirements

A team of specialists – automation and software experts – adjust operation algorithms to particular Instalcompact devices. They are able to maintain the level of wastewater in a pumping station or dry well pumping station at low level, keep pressure behind hydrophore unit at a constant level, and perform filtration or aeration processes at the water treatment plant under close supervision. Proper functioning of Instalcompact products depends on their work.

Szafa sterownicza
Rozdzielnia elektryczna

Reduced device energy intensity thanks to automation

Users of our devices have different needs. Regardless of whether it is an entire commune or a small condominium, we are able to adjust device operation to their requirements. Our solutions in the field of automatic equipment reduce device energy intensity and effectively reduce its operating costs. They also allow for better adjustment of operation dynamics and pump capacity and, thanks to control of hydraulic and electric parameters, for controlling device wear, diagnosing pre-failure conditions and removing reasons of upcoming failures on time.