Devices manufactured by Instalcompact can be found in nearly every Polish commune. Their increasing number makes global management system necessary. SyDiaNet® allows for managing the systems of wastewater pumping stations, hydrophore units, water treatment plants and all other devices in our offer, even if they are distributed over a large area. It can also be used for managing devices of other manufacturers.

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Early diagnostics reduces operating costs

SyDiaNet® not only provides advanced device system management, but also operation diagnostics. The system informs about failures, but mainly warns about their potential occurrence. Thanks to prevention and quick reaction to failures, the costs of operation and repairs of the device are reduced significantly. It is also unnecessary to employ a person for permanent supervision of the device – ongoing view is possible from every computer connected to the Internet with installed Mozilla Firefox browser.



Main system features

  • Intuitive control panel with a map, grouped devices, alarm and warning messages, easy navigation to tabs of individual devices.
  • Detection of failures such as: dry running, electric failures, communication disruptions, burglary, are signalled in the Internet browser, e.g. on the device main screen and product tab. Possibility of sending information via SMS.
  • Possibility of accessing the system by a number of users in different places at the same time.
  • Device operation reports stored even up to 24 months
  • Double protection from the loss of data concerning device operation thanks to cooperation between the network server system and the local server
  • Device remote access functions, including starting/blocking pump operation, starting/blocking parallel pump operation
  • Change of certain operating parameters, observation of device operation online.

Operating chart

Thanks to the application of modern technologies, we can monitor the device status on an ongoing basis. Data concerning device operation are collected on external servers and analysed by the diagnostic module.

The system generates messages in the event of a failure and reports concerning device operation:

  • total number of pump starts
  • total pump operation time
  • working time and number of pump starts in the analysed period
  • minimum, average and maximum electricity consumption and pump motor power
  • pump simultaneous operation time
  • average pump capacity
  • wastewater inflow to the pumping station (in the case when the device is equipped with flowmeter)

Advanced functions

  • early diagnostics is based on the analysis of drawn electricity, pump start frequency, pump working time
  • qualification for performing an inspection prior to the failure by Instalcompact Device System Management Centre
  • changes of telephone numbers, type of sent messages and their frequency

Service packages

Comfortable solutions for everyone – not only during the warranty period

SyDiaNet® is not only software, but also the services of System Management Centre. Thanks to four SyDiaNet® services packages, our Customers can manage devices individually, or use the knowledge of Instalcompact specialists in High – Line packages

Depending on the service package, they can take individual control of devices, or choose ongoing maintenance of devices in the Premium package.

During the warranty period, the Customer uses SyDiaNet® in High-Line+ version, however, he may extend protection by additional options, buying SyDiaNet® High-Line Premium package.

After the expiry of the warranty period, Customers can use SyDiaNet® Low – Line service, delivered free of charge*, or paid High-Line services, whose relatively small costs mean that they are available for everyone. We are also developing a system based on the local server.

Low – LineHigh –LineHigh – Line +High – Line premium
SMS messagesxxxx
Basic device management functionsxxx
Access to the system from any locationxxx
Access through portable computers and tabletsxxx
System updatesxxx
Protection from data lossxxx
Access for many usersxxx
Access to detailed historical dataxxx
Any chart configurationxxx
Remote supervision and diagnosticsxx
Technical support provided by the Device System Management Centrexx
Notification of failure riskxx
Notification of failure riskxx
Remote administrationxx
Written reportsx
Repairs: access free of chargex
Repairs: 10 % discount for partsx

*Instalcompact does not incur costs related to the purchase and handling SIM cards. Costs incurred by Customer are consistent with the operator’s price list.


Real benefits = real savings

As a modern system for management, diagnostics and visualisation of water supply and sewage devices, SyDiaNet® makes operation of devices more convenient and less expensive. Every potential failure is signalled before it occurs, thanks to which the likelihood of expensive repairs is reduced. Customers using SyDiaNet High – Line + and SyDiaNet High – Line Premium report reduction of serious failures even by 90 %, and the pump lifespan has increased by approximately 50 % ! Premium version also reduces the costs related to the functioning of own maintenance teams, which may amount even to several thousand PLN per year ! **

*Test performed on the sample of 160 devices in 13 locations in 2011.
**Ask your Technical Advisor or Service Technician for simulation of benefits.
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SyDiaView® is an extension of SyDiaNet® system, which enables visualisation of the device status. Thanks to the graphic presentation of data by work animation, as well as on charts, it is easy to notice whether the device is functioning correctly or it should be repaired. SyDiaView® visualisation is not only available for all Instalcompact products, but also for devices of other manufacturers.