Stainless Steel Welding

We offer our Customers welding of pipelines and structures. We carry out this work in accordance with the current quality and environmental standards. The experienced staff ensures the highest quality of welds, in accordance with PN-EN ISO 5817 standard. At the Customer’s request, we also perform selected non-destructive tests, submitting the required number of connectors to inspection. Wherever stainless steel welding is necessary (for example at butt connections of two pipe sections), we try to use the TIG orbital welding technology. The welds executed by means of closed welding heads in protective atmosphere of argon are characterised by almost ideal face smoothness and possibility of shaping the root of weld. Thanks to this, welds do not require any mechanical treatment, apart from mechanical cleaning of welds, and at the same time, they comply with high technological standards.

Spawanie stali nierdzewnej
stal nierdzewna

We use the TIG and MIG/MAG methods in order to weld manually any structures of stainless steel. These structures have a broad scope of application due to their durability, resistance to contaminants, chemical agents and atmospheric conditions. The quality of performance guaranteed by us is consistent with the highest standards.

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