Biogas Technologies

Ogrzewanie biogazowe

As engineers, we design and build solutions which are intended to bring expected results for our Customers. The best ideas come from nature. In order to achieve success, it is enough to translate them to the language of modern technologies and we are specialists in this field – we have long-term experience in manufacturing devices intended for demanding, frequently aggressive medium.

Ecological energy

Agricultural biogas plants are the best way to produce ecological energy from renewable sources, without CO2 emission, regardless of weather and other factors, but with the application of substrates of plant and animal origin. Production of electric energy and heat in a typical biogas plant consists in subjecting substrates to natural anaerobic fermentation processes. Specially designed digesters provide ideal conditions for bacteria.

Ekologiczna energia

Manner of operation

Processing substrates, such as corn silage or pig slurry, requires time, but mainly durable devices. All system elements – pumping stations, mixers, heating systems or membrane roof must be selected by the best technologists and executed in line with high production standards. This is the way we operate at Instalcompact.

Technologia biogazowa
Pozyskiwanie naturalnej energii

Gaining natural energy – pure benefit !

Before organic matter present in substrates is transformed into biogas, it is stored in a digester for a relatively long time. Gas produced in this manner floats over the substrate level, where it is stored under the membrane roof dome, and then it is transformed by combined heat and power generation unit to electric and thermal energy. Only a small amount of produced energy is used for supplying biogas plant – approximately 75 % may be used for other purposes of agricultural farm, or even further resold !

Thermal systems

Instalacje grzewcze

Bacteria responsible for fermentation process have their needs and requirements, especially concerning the right load temperature and pH. Providing right conditions for them is the essence of biogas production. Well-executed heating of digesters provides continuous work of satisfied methane bacteria. Our experience in plastic forming of stainless steel allows us to manufacture reliable thermal systems for biogas plants.

Substrate pumping stations

PComplex projects, simplicity of execution

Depending on the concept of the designer or technologist, substrate pumping stations may take various – less or more complicated shapes. Discharge of medium between two tanks can be performed by a simple pumping station, but it can also be a more complex system: pumping station transporting medium to all tanks and in all directions. Regardless of the level of design difficulty, we are able to find the best solutions. We have been creating pumping stations successfully for almost 20 years.

Pompownie substratu

Sterowanie emsydia®


It is obvious that complex devices require precise control systems. Our long-term experience in creating software allows us to develop complex applications for managing biogas plants. System based on emsydia® controllers, devices of other manufacturers, or control cabinets manufactured by us, ensures comfortable operation of the entire biogas plant – the higher the level of process automation, the bigger the guarantee of process stability and working safety (minimisation of failure risk, monitoring of parameters, etc.)

Good algorithm is sufficient – we will take care of the rest

A well-written algorithm delivered by the designers of the biogas plant optimises biogas plant operation, increases its efficiency and ensures proper functioning. It enables to create software thanks to which we can control the following parameters on an ongoing basis:

  • amount of substrate introduced to digesters
  • substrate flow (weight, flow meters)
  • pressure in the system
  • tank filling levels
  • temperature and pH in digesters
  • biogas pressure in tank and pipes
  • biogas amount and composition
  • biogas flow
  • pump delivery rate control
  • opening and closing gate valves (synchronised with pumps turning on and off)
  • starting and stopping devices

Our offer

Digester heating systemsHeating rings inside digesters, made of stainless steel, ensure constant temperature inside the tank together with collective manifolds, and therefore stable fermentation process.
Heat distributorsHeat arising as a result of engine cooling and recovered from exhaust fumes may be used for technological processes and domestic purposes. It flows to distributor straight from the heat exchanger and from there it is transmitted by pipeline system to appropriate digesters and to other recipients, according to the design.
Substrate pumping stationsSystematic feeding of digesters with fresh load guarantees regular biogas production.
Stainless steel componentsIn a typical biogas plant, because of the working environment, many components must be made of stainless steel. (Starting from the smallest holds or supports, ending with the entire pipelines – mainly within the combined heat and power generation unit and biogas treatment plant.)
Maintenance serviceWe provide maintenance service for our systems.