Hydrophore units

Hydrophore units and water pumping stations

Instalcompact hydrophore units and water pumping stations have been guaranteeing the continuity of water supplies for almost 25 years. They are particularly useful in the cases where pressure in a water supply and sewage system does not meet the standards or Customer needs. Small size of the unit allows for a very wide application in residential buildings, water supply systems of villages and towns, as well as industrial uses.

We have developed more than 2100 combinations, and this is only speaking about individual solutions.

Zestawy hydroforowe
Zestaw hydroforowy - konstrukcja

Acid-proof steel structure – resistant to high requirements

Hydrophore units and pump systems are intended mainly for discharging drinking water, as well as for chemically non-aggressive cold utility water without contaminations. However, other medium does not constitute an obstacle for us – we execute devices which can handle hot, demineralised, softened, saline or other non-standard water. It is enough to inform our Advisors of your needs.

Unit structure – Hydrophore units

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Acid-proof steel structure

Precise structure allows for savingsi

Our economical nature (Greater Poland is a region famous for that) does not allow us to waste time, money or space. The sophisticated and proven compact structure facilitates transport and enables unit installation in small rooms. We can also deliver our units in special modular development.

The compact unit structure prepared in the Instalcompact production hall allows for its easy and quick assembly at the premises of the Customer. Modern controlling developed by a team of automation and programming specialists is a perfect adjustment of operation dynamics and pump capacity, which reduces energy intensity and operating costs related to unit maintenance.

Cechy zestawu hydroforowego

Innovations are favourable for long-term operation

Innovative structure and application of standby pumps ensures continuous water supplies. Acid-proof steel limits the risk of corrosion and provides the possibility of maximum limitation of contamination depositing inside the pipeline. This increases the durability of hydrophore unit and allows for its long-term operation.

Hydrophore unit – Basic parameters

MediumWoda bez zanieczyszczeń mechanicznych i substancji agresywnych chemicznie, woda pitna i użytkowa woda zimna, woda gorąca, zmineralizowana, zmiękczona, zasolona, ciecze niewybuchowe o niskiej lepkości
Medium temperature1-70°C
Ambient temperature5-40°C
Maximum working pressure2,5MPa (25bar)
Microprocessor controlleremsydia®
Protectionsshort-circuit protection, thermal protection, phase-fading protection, dry running protection
Power supply3x400V 50Hz
Control switchboard protection levelIP54
MaterialManifolds with coupling pipes and load-bearing structure are made of acid-proof steel


Compact design provides a number of possibilities

Hydrophore units are used especially in residential and utility development, as well as municipal and rural water supply systems, e.g. as network pumping stations, or multi-functional in water treatment plants.

Hydrophore units can be successfully applied in industrial and technological water systems, e.g. in:

  • cooling water circulation;
  • washing and cleaning systems;
  • systems of water in production processes.

This is not the end of possibilities – the units can also be used for:

  • supplementing heating, cooling and technological water;
  • as pumping stations for hydrant systems,
  • as systems dosing foaming agents,
  • as rain-barrels, irrigation and sprinkler networks and systems.
Zastosowanie zestawu hydroforowego

Modular development

Impossible becomes a standard

The problem of location for unit, or too high investment costs disappears with the application of modular development – we can use modules with the dimensions starting from 2.4×2.0m, and this is only to begin with.

Zabudowa kontenerowa
Zabudowa kontenerowa

Less than 5m 2 of free space is already sufficient to apply our unit

Modular development increases the possibility of using hydrophore in the locations units where their application was impossible before. Modular solutions enable the assembly of Instalcompact devices as early as a couple of days after the delivery – in containers starting from 4.8m2 to practically unlimited area.

Minimum involvement allows for reaching maximum benefits: very quick assembly and commissioning, lower installation costs than in classic solutions and easy transfer of devices to new locations.

Development in tanks

No space ? Let’s go underground !

The application of polymer concrete or concrete casing means that our units and pumping stations can also be installed underground. Underground storage tanks are a practical solution in the areas where it is impossible to build a hydrophore plant or overground pumping station. It may also happen that storage tanks with water level under the land level are used as water supply sources.

No limit in the size of storage tank allows for more

Units can be installed even in storage tanks with diameters of 2000 mm. Units and pumping stations in polymer concrete storage tanks are fully assembled in our production hall and sent to the Customer as finished devices.

In the case of concrete chambers (storage tanks), the size is unlimited; the same applies for the shape – they can be round or rectangular. The size depends only on the size and equipment of the pumping station, which consists of: hydrophore unit, piping, drainage pump, ventilation, heating system and external cabinet with the possibility of connecting to SyDiaNet system. Concrete storage tanks are assembled at the Customer prior to installation of the unit and piping.

Zabudowa w zbiornikach

emsydia® controlling

Each hydrophore unit or water pumping station is equipped with electrical control switchboard and dedicated emsydia® controller manufactured by Instalcompact. However, in certain cases it is required to equip a control unit with other types of controllers, which is not a problem, as we can adjust software to controllers of other manufacturers and, especially, to Customer needs.


SyDiaNet system

System SyDiaNet

SyDiaNet system – ongoing device control, from any place in the world

Thanks to the device management system SyDiaNet, users are able to watch and control the operation of hydrophore unit or water pumping station on an ongoing basis. They also receive alarm and status messages, as well as device operation reports. Thanks to this, early diagnosis and prevention of serious failures is possible.

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