Water cutting

We also provide the water cutting services, performed by means of WJ3015-1Z-SJ-BASIC machine manufactured by PTV. Water cutting technology consists in cutting materials by means of a mixture of water and abrasives. The resulting stream enables processing a wide range of materials, such as: steel, glass, stone, wood, plastic. Thanks to the high pressure in Waterjet machine, reaching 4,000 bars, the mixture is capable of cutting 200-mm thick steel. The significant advantages of water cutting technology include lack of material heating and avoidance of local steel hardening. The stream is stabilised in hydroabrasive nozzle; therefore, there is no risk of component deformation, and smooth edges are additionally ensured. The device also enables treatment of steel with large dimensions, because it is equipped with a table with effective working area of 3100x1600mm. The positioning accuracy of Waterjet amounts to +/- 0.05 mm, which allows to obtain semi-finished products with a narrow range of tolerance.

Cięcie wodą
Cięcie wodą waterjet
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